Beware! Fakes!

Currently on the markets of Russia, there are the forgery incidents of our company products. Forgery has significantly worse quality, which adversely affects on weld quality, as well as the strength of the end-product.

In order to avoid purchasing of counterfeit products, we urge our customers to follow some rules:

  • buying products of our company from us or our representatives, that are in almost every region of Ukraine;
  • distinguish package of our company and choose exactly it, not "similar" one;
  • require the seller to show a certificate of cooperation with the Company Gradient Welding. Each our representative or distributor obligatorily has such certificate;
  • check on our website, in the section Map of representatives, if commercial agent from whom you want to make a purchase, is our partner;
  • check the batch number of products on the label that fixed directly on the spool. All batches of Company Gradient Welding products have its unique numbers and are not repeated.

Due to frequent forgery of our products, we changed the packaging and made it more secure.

Such was our packaging 

Then, after re-branding 
in 2011:

Now the product packaging;
of our company as follows:

We are constantly working on the protection of our intellectual property - trademarks. Therefore, in case of any irregularities or detection of forgery, please inform us by phone +7 (951) 149-77-22 or send an email

Thank you for choosing our company's products. We are sure you will be satisfied with the quality of your product and service!

Below you find examples of forgery that can be detected in the Russian market, in this case we can’t guarantee quality of products:



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