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TM Gradient – welding materials brand which meets European quality standards and needs of the Ukrainian market. Widespread use of a various welding materials of TM Gradient in different sectors of economy requires some classification and advisory information support.

What kind of wire should be used in certain sector of the economy? What optimal parameters should be for welding with different materials?

What better to use in different spatial positions in welding process?

What influence of inert gas welding and how it affects?

To answer these and other frequently asked questions, we collect information and sort it out, depending on the sector of economy. We hope it will be useful for you.

If you have any questions or need technical information about application of welding consumables TM Gradient, please ask our technicians in any convenient way for you (e-mail, phone, fax, skype). We are glad to answer and give you the necessary information.

Sincerely, team of "Company Gradient"


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