In the automotive industry among the top at all stages of production and recovery of vehicles the metalworking processes remain: cutting, pressure, heat treatment, galvanizing, welding.

One of the most important tasks of automotive industry - improving the quality of the welds in the car is achieved by reducing corrosion of parts during welding and increasing strength of the welds. This is a rather difficult task because of many modern car body parts have complex geometry. In welding heating zones are forming and it is virtually impossible to avoid completely the shrinkage and warping of the metal.

One of the main technological developments is welding without preheating of the welded parts and their subsequent heat treatment.

Engineers developed a large number of welding electrodes not only for steel but also for copper, aluminum, iron and other metals. In the design of modern vehicles the lightweight and durable materials are increasingly used, which save high strength and reduce the weight of the machine. Weight reduction of parts ultimately greatly increases the efficiency of fuel consumption. Most attractive in this regard for the automotive industry are aluminum, magnesium and their alloys.

Joining parts by welding with electrodes today is not the only technology of welding. Engineers have tried the method of welding of various alloys of magnesium and aluminum by friction stirring . Samples of these welds have been carefully studied and tested for strength and elongation. As a result, developers have come to believe that the friction stir welding is a good method for magnesium alloys welding.

The result of dissimilar metals welding can be significantly improved by optimizing the welding temperature, design changes of welding tool and using of different electrodes.

In modern automotive industry the resistance spot welding for joining high strength steel sheets of different thickness and quality, especially light alloys is also well proven.


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