High quality of products is one of the main priorities of the Company Gradient Welding!

That's why we look after the quality of raw materials that used for manufacturing of our products, compliance of technological process and also standards of product transportation and storage! We track all processes, from the design of the product to the delivery of goods to end-user.

All the products offered by our company are certified by international quality standards, as well as certificates of compliance with quality standards in Russia (Gost R, NAKS).

Certificates are available upon request of the customer, and may be included in the list of documentation accompanying each consignment (on customer request).

We do not stand still and constantly work on enhancement and improvement of quality. We thank you that you have made your choice in favor of our company and therefore we ask you to send all your comments and complaints about the quality of products and services to the Company Gradient by e-mail info@gradient.ua


Company Gradient Welding team!



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