Company history

Founding of Company - 2006

Activity of a new and growing company focused on meeting of the growing demand of welding materials in the eastern region of Ukraine. Then it was assembled industrial complex for the production of welding wires in gas shielded SV08G2S-O mark. The range includes only one brand and in several sizes

Stage of the company - 2008

In 2008, with the aim of removing the Ukrainian market the highest quality products , the Company entered into an agreement with the gradient leading manufacturer of welding consumables in China for the production of products under the brand of our company. From this point on , we supply to the market of Ukraine extended range of materials for welding of high quality branded  (Gradient).

The development of new brand - 2012

In order to expand the portfolio of products offered by the Company Gradient in 2012 brought to market under the brand of welding consumables  (Welding Planet).

Over the years the company has grown into one of the leading operators of the market of welding materials and products are gaining more and more supporters in our country and abroad , thanks to its high quality and service , we are constantly improving

We are constantly expanding range of products m simultaneously increase production of existing products

In our range of products are the most popular types of wire (copper coated ER70S-6, stainless steel ER308), and rare item, such as cored wire E71T-1 and self-shielded E71T-GS, various filler rods and accessories for welding. All welding materials are made from high quality materials to the highest standards and have all the necessary certificates


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